Our mission is to create a future where software vendors effortlessly gain access to their entire target market and help SaaS companies allocate resources towards innovation instead of integrations.

Founded 2023
1-15 employees
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    London, United Kingdom

    StackOne: The Story Behind Our Journey

    🌍 In a world where software increasingly shapes our lives and drives businesses, there's a relentless need for solutions that simplify and amplify the capabilities of the software ecosystem. This is the story of StackOne, a company that is on a mission to make B2B software work seamlessly as one stack.

    💭 StackOne was born out of the shared vision of two seasoned technology professionals, Romain Sestier and Guillaume Lebedel. Having been in the SaaS industry for over a decade and having worked together at several companies, they both had first-hand experience of the pain points that plague the industry. The duo had to frequently reject customer integration requests due to the complexities involved, and they knew they weren't the only ones facing this issue​​.

    Recognizing this widespread problem, Romain and Guillaume set out to create a solution that would put an end to it. This led to the inception of StackOne, a company designed to empower SaaS businesses to build groundbreaking products that seamlessly connect with their customers' software stacks​.

    Romain Sestier, the Co-Founder & CEO of StackOne, is an industry veteran with an impressive track record. He built a product from scratch to a $1 billion valuation at Google and founded an AI-powered BI tool in Area120 that integrates with retail data platforms. He has also served as the VP of Product & CS at Yieldify, where he managed 70 people globally and led the SaaS integration strategy. Romain opened the UK office as Head of UK Services at ContentSquare and led integration with A/B testing tools. He has also co-founded a previous startup,, with Guillaume​​.

    Guillaume Lebedel, the Co-Founder & CTO of StackOne, is equally accomplished. He was the VP of Engineering at Yieldify, a company that was acquired by Publicis. Guillaume has led integration teams and built more than 50 integrations with SaaS tools used by more than 1,000 SaaS. He has also built and maintained APIs with over 2 billion hits per month.

    🚀 The StackOne team developed StackOne to be the integration platform they always wanted - a platform that is flexible, with advanced data privacy features, enabling innovation with complete peace of mind​. It is an integration platform for B2B SaaS companies where you integrate once to their API and instantly get dozens of integrations at your fingertips. This ends up saving thousands of hours of engineering efforts spent on parsing, consuming, and maintaining heterogeneous APIs and also helps offload the security & privacy overheads that can come with it.

    This is the story of StackOne - a company fueling innovation by connecting software, and transforming the future of SaaS.

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