SoundOut predict the future.

1-15 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Founded in 2007, as a fan-financing platform for the music industry, our life began as Slicethepie, in a hut in a village just outside of Reading. Roll forward 9 years, the core reviewing functionality of Slicethepie still drives our business (although on a new tech stack and several versions on) but the output "SoundOut" is quite different! We are still a small team with big ambitions - when hiring we look for people that share the same positive outlook so a can-do attitude is essential. We've also relocated from the hut, and now have 'proper' offices in central reading.

    SoundOut is now the world leading in new music testing and since 2011 we've been providing insight on new (pre-release) tracks for most of the major labels across the UK and US. We test around 10,000 songs/items a month, with over 2 million reviewers on Slicethepie. We're now rapidly rolling out technology across new industries including fashion, advertising and FMCG, predicting appeal of new items before they are released to market. Why? Because most retailers make decisions in a vacuum, with little data making decisions is tough, what to range? How deep to buy? At what price point? For buyers making hundreds of decisions, for every 'best' seller they range, there's always a 'dog' to cancel it out, moving the needle is hard, SoundOut enables retailers to make better ranging and design decisions, with a strong ROI.

    More recently we've been fine tuning our predictions using machine learning, validating what happens with what we predicted. We have a team of data scientists who are some of the brightest people you might ever meet. They are also a lot of fun, and we love collaborating across the business, sharing ideas and innovating new ways to be more efficient. This includes our weekly table football tournament, new starters join the 'academy' so that they can learn all the ropes and get to grips with the complicated scoring system :)

    Tech stack

    PHP, Laravel, AWS
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