Soci, Inc.

SOCi enables SMB service providers to fulfill a social media product offering at scale, and with a margin.

Founded 2012
51-200 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    San Diego, CA

    After selling Fan Gate Media, a company that focused on campaign management for Fortune 100 companies, our CEO and visionary leader Afif Khoury realized that SMB markets would soon need a similar social media management platform - and thus SOCi was born.

    Our goal at SOCi is to enable SMB and SMB service providers with a social media management platform that makes servicing hundreds of social media accounts scalable at a margin. How do we do it? We start off by putting all of the tools that a social media manager needs into one platform. SOCi has a scheduler, a content engine, a campaign creator, custom reports and even message libraries.

    But we don't stop by just putting all the tools you need in once place - because we also want to help managers be 'smarter' in their day to day management. To enable this, we score every piece of content published from our platform, suggest what time users should post at, and even recommend top performing content. These different platform components, combined with our intelligence layers, take days off of the typical management process, allowing organizations to truly scale social.

    Tech stack

    php, mysql, backbone.js, jquery, git


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