Smyte stops bad actors on marketplaces and social networks.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
Headquarters address
164 Townsend Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

Smyte stops bad actors on marketplaces and social networks.

We're building the fundamental trust-and-safety infrastructure that we've seen marketplaces and social networks rebuild over and over again. This includes an automatic real-time classification engine and tools for human reviewers to analyze suspicious behavior and take action on it.

Why us?

We’re solving a serious problem for real customers. Marketplaces (crowdfunding sites, sharing economy apps, etc) are growing like crazy and are very concerned with fraud. Additionally, social networks continue to struggle with spam, harassment, and other forms of abuse.

The technology itself is intrinsically interesting. We’re building a real-time, low-latency classification engine, and an analysis tool that lets users run ad-hoc queries in under a second with great UX. We’re just getting started, but we’re already ingesting millions of events every day.

We use boring technologies where we can, and cutting-edge technologies where we need to. Some of these include Kafka, MySQL, Redis, Riak, Node.js, Python and React.

Our team is really strong, has worked on this problem before, and is pleasant to work with.

Tech stack

Node.js, Python, C++, Kafka, Druid, RocksDB, MySQL, React, scikit-learn


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