Drive Anywhere.

Founded 2015
51-200 employees
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Headquarters address
    3113 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA

    Skurt is the fastest way to rent a car and have it delivered with no lines or paperwork. Plus there's no under 25 fees or gas mark-ups.

    Available in Los Angeles - more cities coming soon!

    Ryan Hoover, Founder & CEO - Product Hunt:
    "BIG fan of Skurt. I first used it in LA shortly after their launch. I was picked up at LAX, driven to my car mins away, and handed the keys within 10 minutes of arriving at the airport... I'll be using it again next time I visit LA."

    Why renters choose us:

    Skip the shuttle, be chauffeured. (Already in LA? Self pickup is available too!)
    Hate shuttle buses? So do we! A private black car driver will meet you curbside at your arriving terminal and take you to your car that's ready and waiting just minutes away.

    In a rush to catch your flight? Simply pick up your Skurt Agent right by the airport and drive straight up to your terminal. Your Agent will take the car from there.

    Never stand in line at the counter again.
    We take care of the paperwork on your phone before your trip. When you arrive at your rental car, you'll drive off within minutes.

    No gas mark-ups.
    It’s always a last minute scramble to try and find that gas station near your drop off point. We won’t charge you an extra fee to fill up for you, just the true market price of gas!

    No under 25 fees.
    If you're 21, you can rent with us without the ridiculous fees charged by those other guys.

    Tech stack

    Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Flask, Swift, Java, Node, React, ReactNative, Less, HTML, Babel


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    Skurt - Company Photo
    Skurt - Company Photo
    Skurt - Company Photo