SixEye Limited

Unifying remote management for manufacturers and integrators of lighting and audio visual control systems.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    International House, 7 High Street, Ealing Broadway, London W5 5DB

    SixEye is an exciting new startup, based in west London. SixEye is developing a multi-tenant, scalable SaaS platform that allows integrators of audio visual control systems to provide a unified remote management solution under their own brand, seamlessly combining the remote management of content and devices from multiple manufacturers. The product is launching Q1 2018.

    SixEye has raised investment and successfully pitched for incubation support from Carallon, a pioneering company with a track record of incubating successful startups working at the forefront of live entertainment & architectural control system development. Carallon is behind the success of Brompton Technology (New Company of the Year, Elektra Awards 2016), manufacturer of industry-leading video processors, and Pharos Architectural Controls, manufacturer of multi-award winning architectural lighting control systems.

    The board & management team of SixEye are experienced entrepreneurs, bringing decades of experience in product development, software design, sales & new business development.

    Why work for us?

    • We believe in collaboration to solve problems. Great ideas may come from anyone – your contribution is welcome and encouraged. If people find a better way – we do that.
    • Within the Carallon group of companies, many of the team come from a live entertainment background, which fosters a high degree of shared responsibility and effort as deadlines approach.
    • Code is reviewed; engineers review each other's code.
    • We believe in continuous professional development. Time off is given to attend weekly sessions run by engineers, for engineers, as well as sessions from non-engineering disciplines. An extensive library of technical resources is available, including subscriptions to online training platforms, which engineers are encouraged to make use of for technologies in or outside of their role.
    • SixEye offers a flexible working environment - there are core hours in the office to facilitate maximum collaboration whilst allowing employees to skew their day early or late as desired. Most roles allow you to work from home when you need to.
    • Annual leave is flexible – you can choose to work on public holidays if you want to take them at another time, in addition to 25 days paid holiday.
    • We’ll match your pension contributions up to 4%.


    On the front end, we’re using Redux with React to implement a web client to interact with our JSON API. We’re testing JavaScript with Jest. Deployment is to AWS, using S3 with CloudFront.

    Our JSON API server is implemented in Ruby on Rails. We use Codeship for CI and AWS Elastic Beanstalk for continuous deployment to EC2.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails,PostgreSQL,JavaScript ES6,React,Redux,Jest,AWS,Git
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    SixEye Limited - We work in a bright, spacious office, shared with Carallon.
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    SixEye Limited - Engineers get loads of space.
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