SimplyCook Ltd.

We're a mobile-app enabled ecommerce business that sells flavour ingredients and recipes by post. We want to get millions of people around the world cooking.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    3rd Floor, 14-22 Elder Street, E1 6BT

    What We Do
    SimplyCook is a tech-enabled ecommerce food business. We aim to get one million people cooking by 2020 through a fusion of technology, smarts and innovative cooking products.

    Our core product is a monthly subscription box containing flavour ingredients and recipes by post - this unique product allows our customers to transform the fresh food they have in their fridge, and in turn they'll transform boring meal times in to special meal times. We're unique in the food-tech space, as we're the only company priced for mass market adoption at a £2.25 per week commitment. We also have the highest online ratings of any UK based online food business - we certainly have a product people love.

    Our secret sauce (no pun intended!) is our technology process for allocating our food products centred around consumer preferences and our team of expert chefs who create our flavour products. We're also an incredibly customer centric business using qualitative and quantitative data to build insight and decision making process for our tech and physical products.

    What we're like
    - We like to ask lots of questions, and run lots of tests
    - We're humble, skeptical and positive all at the same time
    - We're passionate about food, technology, and our customers
    - We really respect data, although we do occasionally shoot from the hip(!)
    - Also happens we're all making true friends while building this company (a great consequence of building something you all believe in)

    Tech stack

    Web: PHP, Nginx, MySQL AWS EC2 & RDS hosted Version control: GIT (+ BitBucket) HTML5, jQuery, Less, Boilerplate Mobile: Native iOS (Objective C) & Android (Java) apps. Moving to REACT
    SimplyCook Ltd. - Our core recipe box product
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