Signal Sciences

We created the first Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF)in response to our frustrations trying to use legacy WAFs while enabling initiatives like DevOps, cloud adoption and CI/CD.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    122 Mildred Ave, Venice, CA 90291

    Why have we built this product and this company? Aka our company mission...

    Signal Sciences builds tools to successfully defend companies and their data against real world attacks.

    We’re led by Nick and Zane who built what they built at Etsy because nothing existed on the market that actually worked to solve their day to day problems. If you look at the marketing for any of our competitors or almost anything in the application defense space, you’d think they all solve the same things we’re trying to solve. In practice, they don’t, and in many ways they actually hurt the organization they’re trying to protect (either by creating a false sense of security or by making more vulnerabilities than they solve due to poor coding).

    We’re building effective, reliable and usable products for people who are trying to protect their companies data by people who have been in their same shoes.

    One person who found us and emailed with interest in our product put it like this:

    What really resonates with me is your statement that "security products on the market didn’t solve real world problems we encountered every day." I think I've become jaded because every AppSec vendor that gives us a pitch I think, yeah right :)

    The public view, and thus the macro view, on security has changed much since late 2013 when we decided to start signal sciences due mainly to the sony breach. President Obama is addressing it in speeches around the county, Tim Cook addresses privacy and security on a regular basis, and board rooms are now engaging in conversations about security at a level never seen before. Security has become one of the most important social issues of our time and signal sciences is serendipitously in a position to shape part of the issue and conversation. How we’re involved is up to us.

    Tech stack

    Cassandra, Kafka, ELK, React.js, Docker, Go, Linux


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    Signal Sciences - The Venice HQ!
    Signal Sciences - Company Photo
    Signal Sciences - Company Photo
    Signal Sciences - Company Photo