On a mission to make mental health care effective, affordable and accessible for everyone.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
Headquarters address
2395 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063

Sibly is mental health technology startup with the mission of providing accessible, affordable, and effective mental health care for everyone. 1 in every 5 people suffers from a diagnosable mental illness, and that doesn't include breakups, loss, stress, etc. The current system is inaccessible to most people, and hardly trackable or effective to the rest. Sibly’s app provides the most affordable, responsive, and effective mental health professional in everyone’s pockets 24/7. The app offers mental health coaching through real-time messaging. It is powered by a team of coaches who serve as the single voice behind Sibly. In addition to texting Sibly at anytime, users will also receive guidance reports on a regular basis. These reports summarize their goals, their progress, and make suggestions helping them achieve their wellness.

About this Position:
You will be part of a powerful mission of delivering the most effective and accessible mental health care. We have a compassionate and fun culture along with a growing dynamic team that is obsessed with solving the problems facing mental health today. While your initial responsibilities will include front-end work (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and some backend work (Node.js, MySQL), you may also wear different hats as we all do in a thriving startup! Having Android (Java) experience would be a huge advantage too.

Tech stack

Node.js, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Objective-C


Health and wellness

Health insurance
Dental insurance
Vision insurance
Sibly - Company Photo
Sibly - Company Photo
Sibly - Company Photo
Sibly - Company Photo