Serverless, Inc.

We envision a world where software developers can harness the power of the cloud quickly and easily so they can build more and manage less.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    Remote - 548 Market St #47111 San Francisco, CA 94104

    About us

    We are Serverless Inc, the creators of the popular and synonymous open source framework for building Serverless applications.

    In 2015, we created a project called the Serverless Framework. Our mission was to make serverless development easy. A community rallied behind the project, contributing to the open source core, offering their opinions, insights, and sharing their passion. Today, the Serverless Framework is the de facto standard for serverless application development and deployment, managing nearly one million deployments per month.

    As the adoption of serverless has grown, so too have the needs of today’s serverless teams. In addition to tooling that simplifies the development of serverless applications, these teams need tools to simplify collaboration, operations, integrations and much more. To address these user needs we recently launched the Serverless Framework Enterprise.

    As we embark on our next chapter, we are looking for seasoned developers to join our team. Our tight knit team is comprised of user focused, product minded technologists who are low on drama and high on performance. We are distributed by location but united in our purpose. We value accountability and fully own our successes and failures. Most importantly, we believe that people do their best work when empowered. If you are on a journey to find a team that crafts ingenious cutting edge solutions while having fun together, we are your destination.

    How we interview and hire

    Our interview process begins with an introductory call to help you better understand the opportunity, give us a glimpse into your interests and motivations, and help you decide if Serverless is the right place for you to be your happiest and most successful self. From there you'll be invited to spend about an hour on a Zoom call with the hiring manager to dive into your past work experience and how you see yourself propelling into the future of cloud technology with the Serverless team. If it feels like a good fit we'll conduct a technical screen with one of our engineers so you can show us your skills. Lastly, you'll join us for a panel interview with two or three one-on-ones with team leads. Because our team is globally distributed, your onsite can be virtual or held in San Francisco. The onsite is an opportunity for you to get to know the team with whom you'll be working with. You'll get a deep understanding of the challenges we're tackling and what it's like to be an engineer at Serverless.

    Serverless is Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to equal treatment of all employees without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability or other basis protected by law. While the Company is committed to following this principle in every facet of employment, all employees share in the responsibility to promote and foster a favorable work environment.

    Serverless core values

    1. Use good judgment
    2. Communicate clearly and often (we're huge fans of Radical Candor)
    3. Always be curious and innovative
    4. Be courageous and act in the best interest of the team, even if it's uncomfortable
    5. Let your passion shine
    6. Commit to inclusion at all times
    7. Work hard and be kind

    Tech stack

    JavaScript, NodeJS, GO, AWS, AWS Lambda, ReactJS, GraphQL


    Compensation and retirement

    Stock Options
    401k plan
    Commuter assistance plans

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)
    FSA (Flexible Spending Plan)
    EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

    Vacation and time off

    Paid time off
    Unlimited time off
    Paid holidays
    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility

    Values and quality of life

    Diversity program
    Employee groups and committees
    Company activities
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo
    Serverless, Inc. - Bumper loves team members who can work and pet at the same time.
    Serverless, Inc. - Out for our daily coffee run in SOMA
    Serverless, Inc. - Exploring a Berber marketing in Marrakech during a team retreat.
    Serverless, Inc. - The Serverless team exploring Ukiah, California during our biannual team retreat
    Serverless, Inc. - Our holiday party included an ice skating extravaganza in Union Square.
    Serverless, Inc. - Company Photo