Sensay is the most helpful person you've never met. Sensay connects strangers and allows them to help each other and transact on demand.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA

    We are proudly building the next thing here in Los Angeles. We are gathering incredible data from our private beta, an “invisible app” that runs on text. We are also building mobile apps. Huge data.

    Our Vision: Get 7 billion strangers transacting through chat

    Things we look for in a new team member:
    - Helps first & raises everyone's game Gives a damn (many damns)
    - Wears many hats responsibly 
    - Wicked smarts tempered by humility
    - Leadership tempered by kindness
    - Believes in magic disbelieves “impossible”

    Some things we believe in:

    - Win by helping others win
    - Humans are awesome (H.I. comes before A.I.)
    - Self-directing rather than hierarchical teams
    - Fun & tacos

    Sensay - we have cool board meetings
    Sensay - we work in Venice, steps from the beach
    Sensay - Company Photo
    Sensay - Company Photo