Selfycart (YC S16) enables you to shop in-store and check out without standing in line. We're using cutting edge technology to change the way people shop and we're excited to work with you!

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    2555 Flores St. Suite 395 San Mateo, CA

    Smartphones have enabled people to transfer money, buy things online, and even find directions on-the-go. Why hasn't our physical shopping experience been augmented by our pocket computers to make our lives easier while in the aisle? Selfycart (YC S16) enables you to checkout in-store without standing in line. Awesome, right? Who doesn't want to skip the long lines at the grocery store?

    We have some awesome traction from the biggest grocers and brands in the United States, including some names that you might know.

    The Selfycart Experience

    As a user, you can enter a Selfycart-enabled store and immediately start scanning items with the Selfycart app. Whenever you're ready to pay, just check-out on your phone with credit card, Paypal, Android Pay, or Apple Pay. At the front door, present your QR-code receipt to a store representative who will use a corresponding Selfycart merchant app to validate your purchase. Once your order is checked off, you can walk right out of the store without ever standing in those long checkout lines!

    Selfycart merchants gain access to a dashboard of all the activity that is happening in their store including various analytics.

    We're currently expanding rapidly to major grocery stores across the U.S. and have plans to expand internationally among different retail verticals.

    About Selfycart Engineering

    In order to enable the awesomeness of skipping lines, there are a plethora of interesting engineering problems that need to be figured out:
    - The landscape of retailers is massively fragmented between big-box stores and more independently run shops.
    - There is a massive engineering and scalability challenge when it comes to interfacing with various retailer inventory management systems - a lot of these systems are archaic and require a high level of creativity to navigate around (think parsing routines, etc)
    - The actual shopping experience is a very interesting problem to solve from a UI/UX and technical perspective; you need to think about device capabilities and user shopping behavior to provide an awesome shopping experience.
    - The technology we're using is cutting edge - we're using Node.js on the backend, mobile computer vision algorithms for object/barcode detection, Android/iOS for our mobile apps.

    Our Interview Process:
    • FIrst, we'll have a phone screen with you that will go over your background and let us get to know you better. Be prepared to answer some technical questions.
    • We'll then have an onsite interview which will be technical. You'll also get to meet the team!
    • Depending on the role that you're interviewing for, there might be a take-home assignment.

    The Team

    Our team is experienced and comes from companies like Facebook, Ebay, and PayPal. We offer dental, medical, and vision benefits alongside a competitive salary. Come work with us in centrally-located San Mateo! We're right next to the Hillsdale Caltrain station off of El Camino.

    If you exhibit the following, we want to work with you!
    - You desire to build and own the UI and application logic of whatever you're working on
    - You have strong product acumen to go along with your ninja development skillz
    - You take pride in and care about the final experience that users have when using your product (we call that the "warm and fuzzy" feeling)
    - You write great code, code that is legible, efficient, modular, well-tested and handles any edge case you throw at it

    Tech stack

    Node.js/Express, MySQL, Android, iOS, AWS, Git


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance