Segment is a customer data hub. We process billions of datapoints a day for 7,000+ companies.

Founded 2011
51-200 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    101 15th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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    Hi, we're Segment...

    ...and we're building the future of analytics infrastructure: the single place to collect and organize your customer data.

    Every big company ends up spending a ton of time building their own in-house plumbing for handling stuff like pageviews, event tracking, and user behavior. But really, they shouldn't have to at all. So we built a routing in the middle to handle it all. Our customers send data to us, and then we fan it out to a myriad of different analytics services–everything from Amplitude to Zendesk.

    While the tool is simple, the problems start getting complicated when you have 150+ places to send data. On any given day, there's a huge chance that a partner's CDN will be down or their endpoint will be slow. Making sure we're delivering all the data and not letting individual services affect one another is tricky, especially when they might crash or change APIs at a moment's notice.

    There's also huge challenges on the frontend and partners side. How do we ensure that our users properly discover the integrations that can help them most, and how do we quickly render thousands of streaming events in the live view? How can we build a true platform for developers to build their own analytics tools on?

    We're a small, product-driven team, headquared in central SF. To give you a sense our current scale, we're just about to hit 50 people and running a few hundred instances on AWS. We help power the analytics for thousands of customers every day, for apps like Rdio, Bonobos, and Pagerduty.

    Our engineering team is small, but deeply committed to open source. We like to try out new pieces of tech (we're currently using Docker, Terraform, and Deku) and we love contributing to open source.

    A bit about you...

    Think that sounds interesting? We'd love to learn a bit more about you. Here's what we're looking for in our teammates.

    Relentlessly self-directed

    We like independent thinkers and folks who might one day start their own companies. If you like looking at a problem and coming up with your own inventive solution, you'll fit in here. There's not a lot of prescribed in terms of implementation, so we rely on our engineering team to come up with their own solutions. You won't be a cog in a giant machine, and you should feel comfortable being in the driver's seat.

    Driven to learn

    We're never happy with the status quo, and you shouldn't be either. We're constantly trying to figure out whether there's a better way to do things, from the way that we run our meetings to our engineering tools. We like folks who love learning new tools and enjoy both teaching and learning from teammates.

    A love of open source

    Open source is where we got our start, and it's something that's added invaluably to our APIs. Every time we've open sourced a module, we've not only given back to the community, but we've made sure that it's properly de-coupled from our internal codebase. We'd rather err on the side of open sourcing something than keeping it closed.

    A knack for abstraction and design

    Segment itself was built as a UNIX-like tool: do one thing, and do it well. We want to be the pipes for customer data. You'll fit in here if you like building tiny tools and piecing them together. We love tiny modules and microservices, and there's a little over 800 repos in our organization.

    Like the cut of our jib? Let's build something great together.

    Tech stack

    Go, AWS, Kafka, Redis, Node, Docker, Terraform, React


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

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    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Segment - Company Photo
    Segment - Company Photo
    Segment - Company Photo
    Segment - We host All Hands every Friday!
    Segment - Tuck away in one of our many office nooks!
    Segment - Company Photo
    Segment - We <3 our Partners!
    Segment - We are bike friendly and offer every new team member a stipend to purchase their very own bike! Yay for green living!
    Segment - Can you tell we love plants? Segment is one of very few companies recognized by the city as a green business!