Our vision is to empower every organization with collaborative security intelligence.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    214 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001, USA
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    SecurityScorecard provides the most accurate rating of security risk for any organization worldwide. Our proprietary cloud platform helps enterprises gain operational command of the security posture for their partners, and their vendors, and themselves by offering a breadth and depth of critical data points not available from any other service provider--all within a completely automated, self-service tool.

    Our platform provides continuous, non-intrusive monitoring for any organization including third and fourth parties. Security posture is assessed and measured in real time across a broad range of risk categories such as Application Security, Malware, Patching Cadence, Network Security, Hacker Chatter, Social Engineering and Passwords Exposed.

    We’re creating a new language for cybersecurity. That is no easy task, and we hire exceptional people who are excited to learn and challenge themselves every day. As a Scorecarder, you may not know all the answers, but you must have the passion, creativity and drive to go and seek them out. Your work will be varied and challenging. Depending on your role, you might write code to effectively gather information at sale, uncover patterns in a dataset, strategize to close a deal, manage an internal process, or do something completely new to you! And most importantly, you’ll never do it alone. Scorecarders are more than colleagues--we are a supportive community. We celebrate milestones, and are always there to lend a hand when the work gets tough.

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    Databases - Postgres / Presto Languages - Python / C++14 / Scala / Go-lang Job Orchestration - HT Condor / Apache Airflow Analytics - Spark / Databricks / Bluepipe (native) Storage - Gluster / NFS / Object Stores Computation - Containers / VMs / Metal


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    SecurityScorecard - Overjoyed after an hour-long Laughter Yoga session!
    SecurityScorecard - We hosted NYC mayor Bill de Blasio for a press conference announcing 100,000 new jobs across various industries including cybersecurity.
    SecurityScorecard - Celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day with Teddy and Poundcake!
    SecurityScorecard - Standing room only for our CEO Alex Yampolskiy's presentation on the need for security ratings at the 2018 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit.