Savi Technology

Savi is passionate about the Value of Knowing. Every day we strive to deliver leading edge, purpose-built solutions that solve real-world problems.

Founded 1989
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    3601 Eisenhower Avenue #280, Alexandria, VA 22304, USA

    Sensor technology, the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics are some of the hottest areas in tech right now. At Savi Technology we offer you the ability to work on ALL of these, with four critical differentiators. First, you get to work with a fantastic tech stack. Second, you get to use this technology to solve very interesting, real-world problems. Third, you get to see some of the largest companies in the world use your solutions everyday, on billions of dollars of “things”, to realize millions of dollars of value. And las but not least you will get to work with some very smart people that are helping to lead Savi to the forefront of sensor-based analytics.

    Interested in sensor firmware, hardware and mobile devices? Our firmware engineers are figuring our ways to squeeze GPS sensors on tiny, low-cost Arduino devices. Interested in the debate as to which protocol will “win” the Internet of Things? Work on our Internet of Things Adaptor to support many—and learn why one protocol cannot serve all needs. Excited about the rise of Spark? It is at the core of our Hybrid Lambda Architecture and Sensor Analytics Graph processing (we recently replaced Storm with Spark Streaming and are pushing the limits on self-healing, exactly-once processing at extreme scale). Interested in NoSQL? We use several—each to tackle specific data challenges. Looking for new ways to help people use data for decision-making? Our Insight product uses D3.js, AngularJS and Cassandra to provide the equivalent of Google Analytics for Sensor Analytics. Are you a product manager who loves data? We treat data as a product (and have a role for that).

    However, we don’t just explore these technologies. We put them together into purpose-built solutions that that let nearly a thousand commercial companies realize true financial value from the Internet of Things. Imagine learning from your “things” what is really happening, and enabling your customers to using this data to operate with less work, more understanding and faster responsiveness than their competition. We use IoT data to solve some really big, thorny problems. How can you move around inventory to prevent expensive shortages some places and surpluses in others? Which of your carriers, suppliers, and maintenance providers are gaming your business and causing millions of dollars of inefficiencies? How can you learn from things to predict and prevent sources of disruption? How does weather disrupt your operations and long-term business demand? Where are you most vulnerable to theft and counterfeiting?

    At Savi you will solve these problems and more. You’ll work in small, fast teams of product + hardware + software + data science + devops professionals. You will see your work in production in days or weeks—not months. Finally, you get to do this at a company with the long-term security of large customers and large government contract vehicles.

    We’re not the only ones excited by our technologies. Over the past two years, we have won many awards for our work: IoT Evolution’s 2015 Product of the Year, Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Company of the Year, Ventana Research’s 2014 Innovation Product Award and a 2013 Honor Laureate from Computerworld.If you believe IoT is “ all about the data” and are excited by the combination of a can do startup culture and the customer base and financials of an established company, then Savi Technology is right for you.

    Tech stack

    Kafka, Storm, Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra, Solr, PostGRES, WildFly, Flask, SciKit-Learn, HTML5/LESS.css, Angular, D3.js, Java, Scala, Python, iOS, Android, Github Flow, Grunt, Maven, Jenkins, Slack, Hubot, Ansible, Docker


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