Do you want to help people follow their dreams? To be brave and independent? To grow successful businesses? Then join the techies, creatives, and friendly finance folk at Asto.

Founded 2018
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Insurance
  • Headquarters address
    8 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4PL

    We’ve come together, with Santander’s backing, to shake things up.

    Talk to anyone who runs their own business and they’ll tell you how hard it is:
    The repetitive admin, the endless paperwork, the tedious typing into spreadsheets, the pain-in-the-neck juggling act (also known as cashflow).
    The stuff that sucks the joy out of ‘doing your own thing.’
    So we’re ‘doing our own thing’, creating a start-up to fix it.
    Asto’s the best of both worlds – all the enthusiasm, ideas and energy of a start-up, with the comfort and security of knowing there’s a bank like Santander behind us.
    A start-up but grown up, if you like.

    It’s early days, but our Asto app is already in beta on the app store.
    With the help of our amazing and diverse ‘team, our enthusiastic community of business owners (and some innovative tech) we believe we can make a real difference.

    Want to be part of this?
    Get in touch. We’ll kick things off with a quick phone chat, then invite you to meet us face-to-face (and take an interactive whiteboard test).

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    The Asto Team

    Tech stack

    JavaScript, C++, iOS, Android, WS02 - Company Photo - Company Photo - Company Photo - Company Photo