Rotageek creates employee schedules, but our impact goes far beyond definingshifts for staff. We help organisations predict where there is a need, when this need will arise, and how best to meet it.

  • Founded 2009
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Enterprise Software

About RotaGeek

If you’re genuinely good, if you really want to work for a scaling tech business, and if you don’t have an ego, we want to hire you.

Just as much as we’ll move mountains to hire the best, we’ll give an arm and a leg to keep them. Of course there’s plenty of flexibility and lots of opportunities to grow, but we also have share options and unlimited leave (with a minimum of 5.6 weeks per year - just so everyone actually takes time off). Our CEO is (really) devoted to making RotaGeek the best place to work, and so while we work really, really hard, we definitely play hard, too. And we have nice snacks and good beer.

RotaGeek is our baby, and we all want to see it grow up and succeed in life. Your role in this is to help us take legacy codebase and refactor it to make it scalable. You’ll make sure it’s squeaky clean without ever sacrificing security. Our growth rate is taking leaps and bounds, so we’re working on refactoring our monolith solution to keep up with our end-user increase and client wins. We also have an extensive backlog of product features which need to be built, so if you like a challenge there’s one for you. We’re a little obsessive about using the most appropriate tech to solve our problems, so there’s always an opportunity to learn new skills. We’ve built recent features in React instead of Angular as it was the best tech for that situation so the team got to upskill in that framework. In the backend we’re looking at using NOSQL databases alongside SQL, we’re moving from a single solution to more asynchronous messaging based architecture (eventually microservices) so there’s a real challenge there to properly architect that. And if you’re interested: we do mobile apps, API development, integrations and all that, too. Easy.

What we expect from our developers

You have outstanding software development skills. You write clean, maintainable and technically sound code using OO and SOLID principles.

As part of the development team, you’re responsible for the scalability, security and performance of the platform. This responsibility underlines all of your work and it plays on repeat in your head whilst you code away.

You really want to build something new. You’re confident in suggesting new and brave ideas, technologies and ways of working.

You’re super eager, want to learn new technologies and get knee-deep in all areas of the code: front-end, back-end, mobile apps.

You’re happy to communicate clearly with both techy people as well as the wider business. Meaning you can explain things and not sound like you’re talking about quantum gravity.

You’re cool with documenting complex processes where needed. We try really hard to keep this to a minimum, but when it must be done it must be done and that’s that.

Monthly team events - here at Kensington Roof Gardens,
RotaGeek - Monthly team events - here at Kensington Roof Gardens,
We can schedule anywhere
RotaGeek - We can schedule anywhere
Daniil enjoys a food challenge
RotaGeek - Daniil enjoys a food challenge
Some of the team at RBTE - the UK's biggest retail event
RotaGeek - Some of the team at RBTE - the UK's biggest retail event
Auditions for the YMCA tribute band
RotaGeek - Auditions for the YMCA tribute band
Team axe throwing.
RotaGeek - Team axe throwing.
Desk beers (and wine, and vodka, and soft drinks) on a Friday
RotaGeek - Desk beers (and wine, and vodka, and soft drinks) on a Friday