Roam Analytics

Machine Intelligence for Human Health

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    San Mateo, CA, USA

    The Mission

    Our mission is to improve global health by bringing comprehensive knowledge to patients, providers, professionals, and life sciences companies. Our clients - pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech companies - invent the medicines of tomorrow; Roam re-invents their ability to test, deliver, distribute, and reduce the cost of life changing treatments through a predictive analytics platform powered by machine learning and the Health Knowledge Graph.

    The Team

    We're a team of repeat entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists with diverse backgrounds in machine learning, healthcare, and enterprise software. Our backers include prominent angel investors and leading Silicon Valley venture firms. Together we are seeking to transform the world's largest and most impactful industry.

    The Approach

    Our Health Knowledge Graph powers every solution at Roam. Billions of disparate data points exist within the healthcare industry's network of clinical studies, government health data, demographic and geographic information, and academic research. The Roam Health Knowledge Graphâ„¢ is powered by proprietary technology that provides an integrated, coherent view across these diverse data sources. Such sophisticated integration provides vital context for doctor, hospital, drug, device, and patient relationships. This architecture is why the Roam Health Knowledge Graphâ„¢ can support the rapid exploration of complex hypotheses and analyses that would otherwise be overlooked.

    The Opportunity

    Roam's opportunity in the healthcare space arises from a perfect storm of three powerful forces that are transforming the industry: an explosion of available data, rapid acceleration of medical innovation, and drastic change in how we pay for health care. As a result, a trillion dollar global industry, which has traditionally been a technology laggard, is committing billions of dollars to software that helps it succeed in this new environment.

    We have a significant first mover advantage in driving this change due to early traction with large pharmaceutical companies as paying customers, phenomenal investors, and a best in class team. The technical and business challenge before us is tremendous; we are seeking to transform the world's largest industry. Driving this change provides an enormous opportunity to build a significant company that will change global health.

    Why Work at Roam

    Human Impact

    Roam is revolutionizing healthcare by powering in-depth data analysis to put patients at the center of every industry decision. When we are successful, the quality of care delivered to patients will increase dramatically.

    Machine Learning Excellence

    Roam's elite team of PhDs, machine-learning experts, data scientists, and engineers are building the world's richest and most structured view of doctors, hospitals, drugs, devices and patients to tackle healthcare's most complex problems. Roam doesn't simply use machine learning in various parts of our product; it's the bedrock of everything we do.

    Unprecedented Potential

    Roam is ushering in an era of data-driven decision-making for the healthcare industry, which means major growth opportunities for our team, clients, and investors.

    Tech stack

    Python, Elasticsearch, Neo4j, Apache Spark, Node.js, React.js, D3.js, AWS, Docker, Ansible


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