Rinse, Inc.

Never do laundry again.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Clothing, Fashion, & Textile
  • Headquarters address
    1000 Brannan Street, San Francisco CA 94103


    The foundation for Rinse started over 25 years ago, when James Joun, our Co-Founder & COO, started spending time in his parent’s dry cleaners in South San Francisco. His Mom and Dad taught him to take pride in his work, to never cut corners, and to obsess over quality.

    Fast forward to early 2013 when James and Ajay Prakash (our Co-Founder & CEO), two very close friends from college, started discussing changing the way both consumers and vendors think about clothing care. Rinse added its founding CTO, Sam Cheng, in the summer of 2013 and made its service available to the public in San Francisco in September 2013.

    Rinse has systematically removed all the friction that comes with clothing care to provide one simple, consistent, high-quality solution to take care of everything in your closet. We’re very proud of the service we’ve created and remember the lessons that James’ parents taught him about hard work and quality. We instill those values into everything we do at Rinse – every customer, every order, every day.


    At Rinse, we have built a high-caliber team that is focused on building and scaling the dominant brand in clothing care. We have a massive opportunity in front of us and are removing friction for both customers and vendors (dry cleaners and laundromats) everywhere through the combination of technology and service. It's a big opportunity and a big challenge, so we have to move quickly.

    We believe in being rigorous up front with our hiring process but also getting to conviction quickly. The process will include you spending time walking through a few technical exercises to demonstrate your abilities, meeting our team of engineers, and spending time with our CTO, our CEO, and possibly a few other senior leaders. If we believe there is a good fit here, we will move quickly to reference checks and giving an offer. This process can move as quickly as your schedule allows.

    In hiring, it's only a great decision if both sides are excited, so while we will spend time understanding if you are a good fit for our team, we will also want to make sure you have all of your questions answered so that you can feel fully confident in your decision to join Rinse. We believe in honest, transparent communication, so ask us anything during the process so that you can get to conviction as well!


    (1) Our customer is our North Star – We exist to delight and amaze our customer. Our success (or failure) as a company will be intimately related to the customer experience we create. Our actions and decisions will be driven with the customer always in mind – if it does not ultimately benefit the customer and improve the customer experience, then it’s not a priority.

    (2) Take ownership – Everyone on our team should act like an owner. The reputation of our company, the strength of our team, and the respect we show to others is a reflection of us as owners. We take ownership when we make mistakes – we admit them, correct them, and learn from them. We act as owners by taking care of our space. No one – from founders to new hires – is above taking out the garbage or helping keep our office clean and presentable.

    (3) Make Mom proud – We take pride in everything we do and strive for excellence. We should be proud of our work, proud of our service, and proud of the relationships we develop with our colleagues, customers, and partners. Everything we do and create should be something we would be proud to tell our Mom about!

    (4) R-E-S-P-E-C-T – We will always treat others with respect and integrity. As our company grows, we will work with colleagues, partners, and customers who will have perspectives that are different or diverse from our own, but we will always, without fail, afford everyone we meet and interact with the respect they deserve.

    (5) Honesty is the best policy – We value transparency, honesty, and open communication. We believe that feedback is a gift, and will seek it out from customers, partners, and colleagues. As the company grows, we will celebrate victories and embrace failures as a team, and share lessons learned openly so the team grows together and is always on the same page.

    (6) Embrace change and ambiguity – We are excited for what lies ahead. As a start-up, we recognize that we are moving down a path of uncertainty. The one thing we know for sure is that things will change and we will need to continuously adapt to survive. Our team will thrive in unfamiliar territory and embrace ambiguity, and will not be afraid to be led by our guiding principles and unwavering belief in our mission.

    Tech stack

    Django, Python, Postgres, React Native, React, Backbone, Sass, AWS, Twilio, Redshift, Metabase


    Compensation and retirement

    Stock Options
    401k plan
    Cell phone reimbursement
    Commuter assistance plans

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

    Vacation and time off

    Unlimited time off
    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility
    Maternity benefits

    Values and quality of life

    Accessible via public transportation
    Bike parking
    Snacks and beverages
    Catered lunches
    Company activities
    Games and recreation
    Pet-friendly workplace
    Rinse, Inc. - Company Photo
    Rinse, Inc. - Bay Cruise in SF celebrating our Series B.
    Rinse, Inc. - Picnic in the park (Dolores Park).
    Rinse, Inc. - Company Photo
    Rinse, Inc. - Company Photo
    Rinse, Inc. - Company Photo