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Founded 2016
1-15 employees
Headquarters address
San Jose
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Culture & Performance Management, All in Slack

Slack-first engagement surveys, polls, and OKRs. Get an authentic, accurate, and continuous pulse on how your team really feels, all within their normal Slack workflow.

Dynamic Org Chart in Slack

Optimize your headcount planning and team structure. This org chart stays synced with your Slack team and pulls relevant metadata from each person's Slack profile.

Daily Polls & Surveys in Slack

Boost your response rates with casual lightweight polls and surveys, directly embedded in Slack. Your employees won't have to leave their normal workflow!

OKRs in Slack

Leverage OKRs to build a high-performing culture. Manage company, team, and individual OKRs directly in Slack. Say goodbye to messy OKR spreadsheets!

Motivation Profiles

Find out what intrinsically motivates each of your employees. Understand each person's preferred working environment to achieve productivity, fulfillment, and happiness. For managers, this reveals the work environment they create for their teams.

Story Surveys

Do you know what your employees would really do in a given situation? Story Surveys help you measure the gap between your culture today vs. the ideal culture you want.

Case studies:

"Before engaging with Valued, we were worried about growing frustrations and low motivation across our distributed team. Employee engagement was at an all-time low.

We started working with Valued 2 months ago. The results have been great: we gathered honest feedback from everyone, and we improved our work hours, training process, and level of trust."

  • John Grisham, COO & Cofounder, Alternatyve

John Grisham
COO & Cofounder

"We had doubled in headcount the past 12 months and employees were expressing concern about lack of clarity around their KPIs, not feeling included, unclear expectations, and work/life imbalance.

Valued has been amazing: I have 10x more clarity on how our people feel, why, and how to improve. Leveraging continuous employee feedback, we're on track to continue scaling and keep attrition low."

  • Ryan Larksmith, CEO @ BFFM