“We aim to democratize medicine by exploiting the field of proteomics not to understand what could happen in the body, but what is happening right now.” Dr. Jonathan M. Rothberg

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Biotechnology & Chemical Products
  • Headquarters address
    New York, NY

    Harnessing the power of semiconductor technology. The Quantum-Si ecosystem includes the necessary tools to decode the molecules of life, including tools for sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis. The transition from analog to digital proteomics enables a new generation of more sensitive and accurate research tools and diagnostics.

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    Our unlimited PTO policy allows you to recharge and come back to work ready to make an impact. If you can't be in the office every once in a while, we will be flexible with you to work from home.
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    We believe that when you eat together, you build camaraderie. Inspired by this, Quantum-Si provides you with either free lunch or up to a $15 meal reimbursement for those in offices. We also have healthy snacks and beverages in the offices. Snacks and beverages Catered lunches Company activities