Transforming how organisations use data through self-service tools powered by machine learning.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    10E Printing House Yard, Shoreditch, London

    The Mission

    QuanTemplate's mission is to create the easiest, most intuitive and most capable data integration and analytics platform. We’re currently focused on the insurance industry, where organisations have huge quantities of data but limited capability to leverage it. By providing high performance tools that are self-service and easy-to-use we are democratising the use of data, making its value pervasive and critical to our customer's success.

    The Team

    We're a high-calibre, friendly team working out of a relaxed, loft-style space in the heart of London's vibrant Shoreditch. Our team brings a range of technology experience to the table, with engineers from Amazon, hedge funds, mobile telecoms and banking. Our aim is to create a collaborative environment where engineers are allowed to grow and develop as much knowledge of the platform as they can, so they might be improving back-end performance one day, adding a new front-end feature the next, or improving our deployment process the day after that.

    The Role

    You'll be a key part of the core development team, working with UX designers and domain experts to enhance the platform. You will:

    • Make it smarter by improving its machine learning capability
    • Ensure it scales out to ever increasing numbers of customers
    • Make it faster and able to handle increasingly vast quantities of data
    • Continually improve usability and responsiveness
    • Improve our development and deployment processes, creating a platform that is a joy to develop against

    Ultimately you'll help make QuanTemplate a truly enterprise class platform, with a best-in-class data integration toolset.

    The Challenge

    If you're smart, determined, and want to help build a genuinely ground-breaking software platform, then come join us – the next stage of the company's progression is going to be the most exciting yet.

    Tech stack

    Scala, Akka, Postgres, Hadoop, Presto, JavaScript, React, Redux, Docker, Selenium, Ansible, GoCD, AWS, DataDog, Rollbar, Jira, IntelliJ, GitHub
    QuanTemplate - A collaborative work environment where our engineers are free to tackle the hard problems and make great software.
    QuanTemplate - A cross-disciplinary team of developers, designers, data scientists and domain experts
    QuanTemplate - Tranquil location in the heart of vibrant Shoreditch
    QuanTemplate - Help build the data tools of the future