Quantcast helps brand grow in the AI era.

Founded 2006
501-1000 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    795 Folsom Street, 5th Floor
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    Quantcast is a late-stage, pre-IPO startup headquartered in San Francisco that aims to make targeted display advertising as relevant and effective as search by reaching levels of precision this multi-billion dollar industry has never seen.

    Quantcast takes a scientific approach to advertising, and our business is built upon cutting-edge technology in big data (processing 30+PB/day), machine learning, real-time bidding (2 million+ transactions/second), and data mining.

    You’ll find team-specific information below, but all groups at Quantcast share a few traits:
    - Customer-oriented mindset — either external or internal customers
    - Focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement
    - Flexible and agile approach to day-to-day work

    Engineering @ Quantcast

    Engineers at Quantcast operate with significant autonomy and are expected to have a broad engineering knowledge base to support a deep understanding in their chosen speciality.

    Our Front-End Engineers…

    • Focus on implementing interfaces designed by our product teams, though are expected to be able to work across the entire stack as needed. Given the nature of our business, data visualization is a key component to the work
    • Build with re-usability in mind and have responsibility for defining and extending our front-end architecture
    • Use modern front-end frameworks (Angular.js, play) and build on APIs driven by Java back-ends

    Product Design @ Quantcast

    Product Designers at Quantcast enjoy a breadth of responsibility across the design process that is seldom found in organizations of our size and scale. When considering designers to join our team, we look for individuals who seek impact, breadth of responsibility, and are design advocates. We love when designers are passionate and well-reasoned about their designs.

    Our Designers...

    • Own well-supported projects from start to finish, rather than the partitioned design roles that one often finds in other companies
    • Make data-centric products, and the associated design challenges are compelling
    • Love to engage in meaningful cross-team collaboration

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