Q Bio, Inc

We're building the first whole-body, clinical Digital Twin platform, powered by our Mark I scanner, to bring the Physical of the Future to everyone. Our goal: treatable diseases no longer take lives.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Biotechnology & Chemical Products
  • Information Systems
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    San Carlos, CA

    Our Story

    In 2008 Jeff Kaditz was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. He spent months in a hospital bed and had to learn to walk again. He was misdiagnosed twice before finding out he needed major surgery. Throughout the process he was frustrated by the lack of quantitative information that was available about his body, which led to a wide range of inconsistent diagnoses.

    Jeff imagined a day when everything about a person’s body could be quickly measured, shared and analyzed.

    He started researching a solution and in 2015 he met Dr. Michael Snyder and Dr. Garry Choy. They immediately bonded over a shared vision that became Q.

    How We're Removing these Barriers

    • Non-invasively measure and quantify more about the human body, faster and cheaper.
    • Give individuals access to and control over information about their health and bodies.
    • Provide individuals and their clinicians intelligent tools to help them quickly understand the most important changes in their bodies and what those changes mean for their current and future health risks.

    The Q BioVault Platform

    Fast and Easy

    A single referral for clinicians, online registration and single 75-minute visit to aggregate and summarize an individual's entire medical history and provide a detailed snapshot of their current health.

    Secure and Transparent

    Our platform is HIPAA compliant and our check-in process is anonymous. In addition to the Q Report, the Q BioVault also includes raw results and pre-processed data.


    Integrated bioinformatics automatically surface the most salient changes in an individual based on their current and future health risks by correlating across a wide variety of data sources. Q Bio delivers insights without drowning you in data.

    Always Improving

    BioVault quickly analyzes new biomarkers as they are available and incorporates new medical knowledge to stay on the cutting edge and evolve with the Q Exam.

    The Q Exam Protocol

    The Q exam protocol is IRB approved and was designed and reviewed in collaboration with clinicians and researchers with the goal of identifying pathology at early stages across five categories of common existential risks.

    The Q exam protocol is built on non-invasive measurements that are clinically relevant, based on the latest peer-reviewed literature. These measurements are tested and selected based on their quantitative accuracy and reproducibility to maximize longitudinal value. Q collects data with clinical trial standards that require independent certification of our technicians.


    Q is an interdisciplinary team comprised of pioneers in multiple fields, including artificial intelligence, applied math, computational biology, computational physics, computer science, electrical engineering, genetics, medicine and radiology.

    Tech stack

    Linux, Python, AWS, Docker, Docker Swarm, React, JavaScript, CUDA, C++, Jenkins, Rust


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