We help Developers around the world build exciting collaboration and communication features with our delightful APIs

Founded 2011
51-200 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    160 Old Street, EC1V 9BW, London

    About Us

    We hire wonderful people who want to help us with our mission. We promote the ideas of mastery, autonomy and purpose - contributing to interesting projects with a meaningful outcome.

    Pusher’s real time APIs power applications around the world across various industries. When you see an in-app chat, a collaborative text editor, or anything else that updates instantly—it could be us shifting events behind the scenes. We want to improve the lives of other developers by solving hard problems for them, and by freeing them from operating and maintaining their own infrastructure. We’re passionate about developer experience and making our APIs as easy to use as we can.

    We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion. They not only provide a better working environment but also improve the quality of our services. We welcome people of different nationalities, backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

    We are here to help our customers build delightful applications. By solving significant engineering challenges and packaging them into easy to use APIs, we let developers focus on making their users happy.

    We put emphasis on collaboration between people and teams. Everyone is on the same mission, so sharing work helps us reach our goals faster. Throwing problems over the wall and pointing fingers at each other is not our style.

    We strive for transparency. Keeping everyone well-informed is crucial for building trust, efficiency and satisfaction at work.

    To give you a sense of our scale:

    • Pusher serves 250,000 developers across 170 countries,
    • We handle several millions of concurrent connections,
    • Our customers have published over 10 trillion messages via Channels.

    Our Values Guide Us

    🤓OPTIMISE FOR LEARNING - We view failure as an opportunity to learn more.
    💩NO BULLSHIT - We are authentic in our interactions. We never sugarcoat things.
    ❤️BE GENEROUS - We go out of our way to support our customers and our colleagues.
    🦄EMBRACE DIFFERENCE - We view differences as strengths.
    💭DREAM BIG, START SMALL - We are ambitious but we don't get paralysed by scale.
    🏃BE ADAPTABLE - We’re ready to pivot at a moment’s notice.

    Our key Engineering team values

    • Simplicity is Good
    • Unrestricted use of powerful features is bad
    • Components should be replaceable
    • Aim for macro-performance over micro-performance - scalability over performance
    • Aim for a declarative style
    • Make it hard for people to screw shit up
    • Question the status quo
    • Small is beautiful
    • Create expandable prototypes
    • Make systems look like they were written by one person
    • Embrace creative destruction
    • Ownership over consensus or authority
    • Build less stuff

    Interview & Hiring Process

    Our interview process begins with an introductory video call between you and a member of our team, we want to make sure opportunities are of mutual interest and to give us a glimpse into your interests and motivations.
    From there, we will conduct a technical screen with one of our Engineers so you can show us your skills. Lastly, you will be invited onsite to interview with an interview panel from our product/engineering group. Our onsite interview is designed to assess for a broad range of skills so that we can gain an overall understanding of what you bring to the team and where you thrive.

    Tech stack

    Go, Redis, MySQL, AWS, Kubernetes, SDK, API


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    Pusher - Company Photo
    Pusher - Company Photo