Promoboxx believes in retailers. We believe that if you provide marketing support to your independents, they’ll transform into your best local advertisers.

Founded 2011
16-50 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    500 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118, USA

    “When I was in high school, my parents decided to buy a shuttered retailer shop in our town. Not sure what to do with it, they decided to reopen it as a package store. A package store for those outside of New England is an independent beer/wine/liquor store. With no experience in retail, they turned to the brands they’d be selling for help, and the brand response was incredible. From neon signs to in-store displays, and cooler planograms to local marketing plans, our little store had everything it needed to succeed. This symbiotic relationship would serve as an inspiration for Promoboxx, the brand to retailer digital marketing platform.

    The way brands supported my family business formed the philosophical underpinnings of Promoboxx. It is a philosophy that holds that retailers are to be supported, not taken advantage of. If you are a company that sells through local retail, it starts by asking your retailers to participate in marketing with you. This simple “ask” shows a level of respect that will strengthen the retail relationship – their retailship with you.

    The Cold River Package story is small, but the inspiration of how big brands can support little retailers is currently being used by dozens of leading brands across more than tens of thousands of independent retailers through Promoboxx.”

    —Ben Carcio, CEO and Co-Founder

    Tech stack

    Rails, EC2, AngularJS, Node, MySQL, iOS


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