Pricesearcher is a free and unbiased product search engine.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6JN
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    Pricesearcher is a free and unbiased product search engine. Our mission is to provide access to all the worlds prices in one place. We believe that users should have an unparalleled view from all sources across the internet to discover the products and services that meet their needs.

    Pricesearcher began as a bedroom project before going on to receive funding in December 2016 and is now a seed level startup that has attracted £4.2m in funding to date. We currently employ 20 staff, 12 of which are in tech.

    Why is Pricesearcher different?

    Our major difference is that we show you the complete view of all the products available from all the possible sources. That includes prices from Retailers, Marketplaces, Price Comparision Sites and more.

    How is Pricesearcher unbiased?

    We believe that sellers of all sizes should have a platform to display their products to the world with zero barriers to entry. This is an open platform and unlike others we do not charge any fees to list on Pricesearcher - that's totally unbiased.

    How our hiring process works

    In short, quickly.

    Our interview process begins with an introductory phone call to get you acquainted with the company and the specifics of the role.

    Following that we would invite you to remotely take a short technical test that closely aligns with the kind of problems you would be solving for us. We look at the test as an opportunity for you to showcase your strengths and what you could bring to Pricesearcher.

    Finally we'll have a face to face interview and an opportunity to meet the team. You should hear from us shortly after the interview and if successful we'll be keen to get all the paperwork to you and join the mission as soon as possible!

    What is it like to work as an engineer at Pricesearcher?

    • We have a database of 1.3 billion products which we update multiple times a day. We are currently live in 12 countries and feature tens of thousands of retailers, growing at a mind-boggling pace.

    • We are using Kanban, have daily standups, weekly all hands and have overall Quarterly Objectives to make sure everyone is aligned towards the same goal.

    • We deploy code multiple times a day on a fully integrated CI/CD pipeline.

    • At the epicentre of the business is one of the most valuable data sets in the world. It’s our key asset that drives us forward.

    • We want our technology and systems to be extermely scalable and cost effecient. Innovation in tech through constant iterations and experimentation is a lifestyle and mindset that we believe in.

    • We have regular hackathons and workshops to try and share and develop new ideas.

    • We are always pushing the boundaries and never shy away from a technical challenge.

    Tech stack

    Python, React and Vue.js, AWS, Docker, Linux, MySQL, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Hadoop, Presto
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