Our mission is to improve education at scale through technology. We currently create test prep programs that automatically customize learning to student strengths and weaknesses.

  • Founded 2013
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Education

About PrepScholar

What We Do

Our mission at PrepScholar is to improve education at scale through technology. We do this by understanding student problems deeply and solving them with great products and service.

So far, we’ve built the leading online SAT and ACT prep programs. We differentiate ourselves from other companies through educational customization -- we believe that all students need customized study plans catering to their individual strengths and weaknesses. As a result, our students get dramatically better results and show amazing satisfaction. We also have the largest web presence in our industry, with over 3 million unique visitors per month benefiting from our free resources and tools.

Our short-term goal is to become the dominant national brand in the test prep industry. We're expanding to graduate exams like the GRE and GMAT, as well as broadening our high school presence. We'll continue growing our reputation with the industry's leading products. Once we achieve this, we'll have the foundation to tackle education at large.

Company History

PrepScholar is bootstrapped and profitable. Since our founding in 2013, we've built the company in a way that makes sense to us - making valuable products that people are eager to buy. Being bootstrapped forces us to be disciplined and to focus on real, solid growth.

We're now lucky to be in control of our company's destiny, and to have a treasury that is more than enough to fund our company's projects for the indefinite future.

This puts us in an exciting stage in our company's growth. We're far past the riskiest days of early-stage startups, now that we have a solid position in the market and strategies that work. But we're also lean and in growth mode, which gives you broad responsibilities and exciting opportunities to grow.

If this sounds like a company environment you'd enjoy working in, you could be a great fit.

How We Interview

We designed our interview process to give us the maximum information on your real job performance. We don't rely on tricks or brain teasers - instead, we try to assess practical skills you'll be using everyday.

Here's what to expect:
- 1st round interview over Hangout: We introduce our company and our role, talk about your most relevant experience, then spend most of our time on practical problems related to your role.
- Take-home assignment: You work on a miniproject that applies your skills in an offline, stress-free environment. This typically takes 6-8 hours.
- Final round on-site interview: We meet in our Cambridge office, where you'll interview with our founders and meet our team. This typically takes half a day.

We consider the take-home project the most significant part of our interview process and the most realistic assessment of your work performance, as you'll have open access to resources and time to think. Even though the project may be longer than take-home exercises at other companies, it substitutes for day-long on-site technical interviews that other companies require.

If you like having a chance to showcase your practical skills and real-job performance, you'll enjoy our interview process.

Sometimes we take the SAT.
PrepScholar - Sometimes we take the SAT.
Our bright office overlooks the Charles River.
PrepScholar - Our bright office overlooks the Charles River.
Our main working space is an open room.
PrepScholar - Our main working space is an open room.
We also have quieter working spaces for when you're in the zone.
PrepScholar - We also have quieter working spaces for when you're in the zone.
Sometimes we set records for Escape the Room.
PrepScholar - Sometimes we set records for Escape the Room.
We like puzzles and games.
PrepScholar - We like puzzles and games.
PrepScholar -
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Tech Stack
  • Django
  • Backbone
  • MySQL
  • AWS

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible and sane work hours (40-50 hours)
  • Any equipment to do your job better
  • Catered lunch 5x/week
  • Referral bonus program
  • 10% free time for personal growth

  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan
  • Catered lunch Catered lunch