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Polyverse Corporation

Polyverse is a ground-breaking cybersecurity platform that undermines the “break once, loot everywhere” economics of cybertheft with continuous reset to known good state, binary scrambling, and more.

  • Founded 2015
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Security

About Polyverse Corporation

What We Do

Polyverse is a truly innovative enterprise solution for data security. Polyverse starts from a simple premise: everything is hackable and will get hacked. No organization is immune. Once cyberthieves have broken into an organization’s network, they will usually find its most valuable data stored in a single vast database – and can then plunder it at will.

Polyverse changes the economics. Polyverse is a groundbreaking security solution that makes large-scale breaches of valuable data all but impossible. In the event of a successful attack, hackers gain access only to a minuscule amount of data – after which they will have to breach the system repeatedly in order to steal more. A Polyversed system leaves hackers with nowhere to go, and it completely undermines the economics of cybercrime.

Led by CEO Alex Gounares and a number of other former Microsoft and Amazon executives, Polyverse completely undermines an attacker’s hackonomics — the economics of cybertheft.

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