Machine learning is the lifeblood of virtual assistants. Today, only tech giants have the AI arsenal to build good voice-based apps. With PolyAI, building conversational apps is as easy as web design.

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    White Bear Yard (ground floor), 144a Clerkenwell Road
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    Platforms like Siri or Alexa aspire to be the gateway to all actions on assistant-enabled devices. Despite their growing popularity, it is still difficult for external service providers to connect to these platforms.

    Existing tools for building third-party apps involve brutal amounts of hard-coding that cannot scale to handle complex user requests. PolyAI’s deep learning models learn to interpret user intents and respond intelligently without following predefined scripts.

    Our proprietary framework collects annotated dialogue data at a fraction of the cost paid by our competitors. Poly AI’s product is sector-agnostic, seamlessly scaling across different apps and languages.

    Tech stack

    Python, TensorFlow, Docker, Kubernetis, Flask, twisted, vanilla JS (for now)., Go, Vue.JS
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