10 million people in the UK are financially under-served or unbanked and Pockit exists to solve that problem.

Founded 2012
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Insurance
  • Headquarters address
    wework marylebone
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    About the Company

    10 million people in the UK are financially under-served or unbanked and Pockit exists to solve that problem. As of today, our 300,000+ customer base take advantage of Pockit’s no-fuss current account, but also access features we’ve pioneered in-house. These include offerings impossible to find elsewhere.
    Pockit has grown with very little investment in marketing, primarily because a third of our customers come through word-of-mouth. Our customers are our best advocates.
    Spread across three offices in Soho, Croydon, and Poland, Pockit has 50+ employees and is scaling rapidly. Our culture is friendly, warm, and accountable, with all staff taking advantage of a huge range of perks - including free snacks and unlimited holiday.

    About the Product

    Pockit offers a current account that takes under a minute to set up. It comes with the ability to send money domestically, internationally, set up direct debits, receive cashback, analyse spend, build your credit and more. Most importantly, it’s completely transparent and unprecedentedly super simple to access.
    Financial inclusion is core to our mission. Pockit’s audience is diverse, but many customers come to us because they’ve been let down or abandoned by mainstream banks. We’re committed to making financial services accessible to those neglected by these institutions, or by other fintech companies.

    Pockit’s product goals are, above all, simplicity and ease of use. Pricing is inspired by the retail industry, with features either provided for free or priced at 99p.

    New and enhanced elements of the product are released on an ongoing basis, with our engineering team operating in sprints to improve our offering all the time.

    The Pockit Culture

    We promote a work hard play hard culture across the whole business; we make sure we have fun with everything we do otherwise there is no point doing it. When it's time to work we all get our heads down and get things done but we make sure there's lots of play time too. We don't believe in autocratic leadership; this is a team game that everyone can contribute towards and we want people who are willing to take a chance and get involved across the business. We are Agile but not chaotic through brutal prioritisation and real collaboration. We do believe in making mistakes as this is the best way to learn, if we drop the ball we all help pick it up, we just have one rule - don't make the same mistake twice.

    Tech stack

    C#, ASP.net core, Microsoft Azure, DocumentDB, Elastic Search, micro services, GoLang, NodeJS, REST API