Build a comprehensive eHealth solution for health insurers and all Canadians, starting with Canada's first full-service online pharmacy.

Founded 2018
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    18525 53 Ave #233, Surrey, BC V3S 7A4, Canada

    Retail pharmacy is an industry ripe for disruption. Online pharmacy is a global trend and PocketPills will make this happen in Canada. PocketPills is a tech-driven Canadian pharmacy which is redefining the pharmacy experience for consumers and automating pharmacy operations in unprecedented ways. We pack medications by dose and time into “PocketPacks” and deliver them to your doorstep, for free. Our innovative, online pharmacy platform reduces drug costs, improves medication adherence and provides easy access to pharmacists.

    With direct access to patients’ medication history and other healthcare information, we will predict medication adherence and disease progression by leveraging machine learning. This data will be immensely useful for predicting drug trends for employers and insurance companies and for helping medical practitioners to slow disease progression.

    We are licensed to sell medications throughout Canada and will soon cover all provincial plans as well. Large insurers and TPAs are choosing PocketPills as it gives them an opportunity to reverse the annual increase in drug insurance premiums. Customers are choosing PocketPills as it provides a better pharmacy experience while saving them time and money.


    Raj and Harj are pharmacy entrepreneurs who understand patient care, pharmacy regulations, drug supply chain and profit drivers of a pharmacy. They started a chain of pharmacy retail stores generating ~$6M in annual revenues. Abhinav is a technologist, IIT alum and co-founder of Rocket Fuel, the company that built a platform for autonomous optimization of marketing campaigns, leveraging Big Data and AI. Rocket Fuel was listed on NASDAQ at > $1B market cap.

    Tech stack

    Java, AngularJS, Flutter, SQL, AWS


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