Empowering teams with automated performance monitoring for any industrial workflow

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    550 Hamilton Ave, Suite 130, Palo Alto, CA

    Plutoshift is a performance monitoring platform for companies that manufacture physical products. These companies use thousands of processes to produce their products and these processes consume resources like water, electricity, chemicals, and more. Our customers collect real-time data at their facilities, but use manual methods monitor the performance. We provide a unified performance view to our customers to tell them what's happening, why it's happening, and what's going to happen next.

    We've raised $11.5 Million in funding so far. After raising our Series A in Sep 2019, we have started to expand our team.

    We have 3 offices -- Palo Alto (CA), Denver (CO), and Louisville (KY).

    WHY US?
    We are using Artificial Intelligence to solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. While AI has been applied to problems in the digital world such as search or eCommerce, it is lagging behind in its applicability in the physical world. We're on a mission to build a product to do it on a massive scale. Our work has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, SF Chronicle, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and many other publications.

    We are a cloud-based platform working within industries such as food, beverage, energy, dairy, brewing, chemicals, and more. These companies collect real-time data about their processes, but use manual methods to track them. Very difficult and error-prone! Our platform is built to automate this part of their work. We have large paying customers who are currently using our platform in production. We're changing the way industrial work gets done by humans!

    You'll be working on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Being one of the early team members, you'll have a tremendous impact on our strategy and culture. This work is largely self-driven, so you’ll get to be really hands-on.

    Tech stack

    Python, TensorFlow


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