Plum Voice

Founded 2000
16-50 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    607 Boylston Street, Boston MA

    What does Plum Voice do?

    Simply put, Plum makes business communication easier. We provide companies with the tools and technology to build applications that automate tasks over the phone. Oftentimes, a company’s most important interactions with customers take place over the phone. Plum helps companies handle these calls in a fast, efficient, and consistent manner.

    Using a range of telephony tools like interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, messaging, and surveys, Plum allows businesses to implement automation and self-service for even the most complex processes. Using Plum technology enables businesses to provide great customer service and to balance that with the need for operational efficiency.

    How do we do it?

    At Plum, we’ve created a company where employees come first. We believe that a company’s first customers are its employees; treat your employees right and they will treat your customers right.

    Our company culture is built upon four principles that afford employees the opportunity to develop and grow in the ways and areas they want to:

    • Balance - Having a life outside of work is critical to a healthy life at work. At Plum, we take that work-life balance seriously. Burning out employees is neither ethical nor productive.
    • Perspective - At Plum, everyone’s voice matters. We have a genuinely diverse workplace, and this means that there are a wide range of perspectives on any given topic. We believe diversity brings perspective and the more perspective we have as a company the better we can serve customers and employees alike.
    • Curiosity - You never know where the next stroke of inspiration will come from. That’s why Plum encourages employees to be curious. There are plenty of toys, books, and gadgets around the office to stimulate thinking, or just to give employees a break. If one of these ideas makes it into a product that’s great! Regardless, having fun using their minds makes our employees happier.
    • Trust - You won’t find micromanagers at Plum. We trust our employees to take full ownership of their tasks and duties. Whether projects are assigned or taken on independently, the mantra is the same: Own It. Employees give projects the attention to detail and commitment to quality that they deserve because we give them the trust, accountability, and responsibility they need to follow through.

    About our culture

    We’ve been around for more almost 20 years, but we’ve kept to our start-up roots. We’re focused on building state-of-the-art technology in an open, collaborative and supportive work environment. We have offices in New York, Boston and Denver.

    About our character

    We take an intelligent, thoughtful, creative approach to everything we do. As a small, high-growth company, we need people who are smart, motivated, independent and hard-working enough to adapt to changes in a fast pace environment, accept numerous responsibilities and get work done without needing micromanagement.

    Tech stack

    PHP, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Web Applications, PHP Frameworks, Software as a service (SaaS), IVR, Telephony, VXML, AngularJS, MVC


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    Plum Voice - Location! Location! Location! Our office overlooks Copley Square
    Plum Voice - Our team is dedicated to mentoring future developers and engineers!
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