Plum Fintech

Wealth for all, that’s automated and looked after.

Founded 2016
51-200 employees
  • Insurance
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    Floor 2, 2-7 Clerkenwell Grn, London EC1R 0DE

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    Hired Top Employer in 2022

    Plum is powered by automation, and acts like an autopilot for your money. You sit at the controls, with smart rules to continuously invest and save - while offering budgeting tools to help you set your financial destination. Plum gets you there safely, so you don’t need to remember things like setting money aside, getting the best deal on household bills.

    Plum’s making your savings and investments work for you..

    **Here’s what we’re trying to tackle
    - 11.5m people in the UK have less than £100 in savings
    - 90% of UK savings accounts pay less than inflation
    - £4bn lost to the loyalty penalty every year
    - 2/3 of UK adults say money stress has affected the health or wellbeing of someone they know.

    **Our Mission...

    We’ve Imagined a world where people effortlessly manage their money without having to worry, or even think about it. A world where our users’ money has a brain that’s configured to automatically reach what is important to them.

    ...And here at Plum, we made it our mission to build that world... and we’re now ready to make it a reality for Plumsters. We welcome them to our reality! Where their money works for them, and their entire financial journey is easier by an autopilot, controlled by them.

    In 4 years, we've grown from 2 co-founders sharing a rusty desk in Soho, to a brilliant, hard-working team of 90+, with offices in London (HQ), Athens and Nicosia. Now, with more than 1M people already using Plum across the UK, Ireland, France and Spain, we could use a little help and that might be where you come in!

    **How we work

    We work in "squads" – a more startup-appropriate name for saying small, cross-functional teams. Each squad has a mission and a set of OKRs to monitor and improve. As an engineer you'll work in a squad but you can also reach out to and work with anyone in the company.

    **Our culture: openness and accountability

    Even though you'll have a primary role, you can get involved in any aspect of the business you're interested in and contribute feedback and product ideas freely. In return, we'll expect you to back your decisions with data and logic. Features are considered finished when the data tells us that they've moved the needle.

    Our Core Values

    1. Figure it out. - Creating change is not impossible, it’s just really hard.
      Effort, curiosity and persistence have got us where we are today — and they’ll get us to where we need to be.

    2. Make change happen. - In the coming years, money will work radically differently to how it does today. And when it comes to savings — it will only work the way it should, if we make it happen.

    3. No Frills. - We’re lean and efficient, because we’re here for the long term.
      Our journey with our customers ends when they retire. When that time arrives, we need to be alive and well.

    4. Together, we push. - We push each other. We hold one another to a high standard, treat each other fairly and are constantly evolving into better versions of ourselves.
      We push new ideas. The old way of money is no longer fit for purpose, it’ll stay that way unless we change it.
      We push until it’s done! The reward is at the end. “Done” is when it’s helping our customers.

    5. Have their back. - Plum customers are financially better off people.
      We look out for them, have their best interests at heart, whilst still having material impact on their finances.
      This is why they trust us.

    Tech stack

    Python, Flask, Celery, PostgreSQL, Node.JS, MongoDB, Redis, Google Cloud Platform


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    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility
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    Paternity benefits

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    Plum Fintech - Plum Trip, September 2021 
Syros, Greece
    Plum Fintech - During our Christmas party
    Plum Fintech - Casual day at work!
    Plum Fintech - London office
    Plum Fintech - Company activity during our Plum trip in Syros Island (in Greece)