We're making hardware as easy as software by giving you "engineering superpowers" - tools that eliminate the complexity, guess work, and schlepping that hardware engineering currently full of.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Industrial Automation, Supply Chain Management, & Warehousing
  • Headquarters address
    701 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

    About Plethora

    Plethora is building the factory of the future. Our goal is to make manufacturing super fast and accessible to everyone - letting small teams develop products as easily as the big manufacturers. We’ve created a manufacturing and software system that takes customer design and produces custom parts using robotics and advanced software that we’ve developed in-house. Our customers are R&D engineers, product designers, startups, scientists, makers, and artists who build all kinds of cool stuff: robots, factory machinery, lab equipment, etc.

    Working at Plethora

    We move fast, tinker endlessly, and love to make things. You should be the same! You care about solving real problems and are not interested in building yet another social media app. You are a creative thinker and thrive on hard problems and new challenges. We value our employees tremendously - we offer generous health benefits, twice-weekly in-office lunch, time and facilities to work on cool hardware and software projects, and an all-around great group of people to work with. We’re based in the sunny Dogpatch neighborhood of SF right off of the K/T Muni line and close to Caltrain.

    Tech stack

    Node.js, Express, Angular.js, Docker, Postgres, Rabbitmq, Python, Javascript, C++, C#


    Health and wellness

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    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Plethora - We have a sunny backyard for lunch and BBQs.