Leading photo & art creative mobile product and community. Building the largest community of creatives and creative images. Create, co-Edit, Share, Discover, Learn and be Inspired.

Founded 2011
51-200 employees
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    San Francisco, CA

    PicsArt is the leading full featured photo & art creative mobile app and community. Working to become the largest community of creatives and creative images. We enable anyone with a mobile device to create, co edit, share, discover, learn and be inspired. With over 200Million organic installs to date, nearing 60Million MAU and rated 4.5 stars on the App Stores with over 3 million reviews!

    PicsArt is building the largest community of creatives, to allow creativity to virally flow across borders. PicsArt’s community is a fun place where people inspire each other, help each other, collaborate and grow together while enriching the world! PicsArt community gives us that confidence to be creative.
    PicsArt wants to change the world. We want to give freedom to our creativity and make the world a more beautiful place to live in.
    Why we're doing this

    PicsArt is becoming an open creativity platform. Co-creation is the key for any enlightened community of creatives. We respect and protect intellectual rights while encouraging people to join together in creating collaborative art with collective ownership.
    By doing all this, we are making the world richer with more artwork and artists. We want to make art a part of everyone’s life.
    We want to spread the creativity virus far and wide, reaching billions.


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