• Founded 2014
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Platform

About PebblePost

About PebblePost Engineering

Our team works on a set of unique and exciting challenges innovating and delivering personalized, Programmatic Direct Mail®. We process billions of events, store terabytes of information, and send millions of relevant and meaningful offers from brands consumers love.

We focus the bulk of our technical efforts in three areas:

1) Our Address Graph uses distributed data and graph processing to create connections between online browsing activity and physical location in a privacy compliant, consumer-centric fashion.

2) Our Mail Decisioning Engine uses machine learning and predictive analytics to determine an ideal recipient for an offer, and manages delivery intelligence for each personalized mailpiece.

3) Our data warehouse delivers real-time insights for brands on campaign effectiveness utilizing first and third-party data.

If you’re interested in getting involved in an early stage and fast growing company, solving complicated scaling problems with large volumes of data and disrupting a massive, but largely antiquated industry, you may be a great addition to our team.

About PebblePost

PebblePost invented Programmatic Direct Mail® for digital marketers. We're driven by respect for the consumer experience and a passion for connecting people to products and services they love. We are a venture-backed company in NYC.

PebblePost was named to the 2016 list of the 100 Most Exciting Startups in New York City. See the full list on Business Insider here.