Patreon helps artists and creators get sustainable income directly from their fans

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
Headquarters address
San Francisco, CA

Patreon is a platform for artists and creators to fund creative projects on a recurring basis. Thousands of musicians, podcasters, video game developers, comic creators, and others are engaging and nurturing their fan-base in an intimate, immediate, and interactive way. Whereas too many popular platforms are focused on driving down the cost of art for consumers, Patreon is dedicated to paying creators.

Our goal is nothing short of changing the very way in which creators are paid for their work, moving from ad-supported creations to direct support from fans. Thousands of creators now make a salary as an artist on Patreon. Together, we're sending creators millions of dollars each month, making it possible for them to continue populating the internet with beautiful things that millions of people enjoy.

Diversity and inclusion is extremely important to us at Patreon!

We believe that having diverse teams will improve our culture and our product. That’s why we:

-Encourage open conversations and information-sharing on our #diversity Slack channel
-Don’t shy away from tough conversations around diversity and inclusion and, as with all conversations at Patreon, we ask that these conversations are direct and done with compassion
-Participate in Project Include
-Prioritize more diversity in our technical candidate pool over the speed of hiring
-Require all managers participate in Diversity and Inclusion training, and we expect all hiring managers to build diverse and inclusive teams
-Provide company-wide training sessions each quarter focused on diversity and inclusion
Apply the lens of diversity to our hiring practices by implementing the Rooney Rule

We understand that diversity only works if every individual is equally valued and heard. Some things we do to encourage inclusion are:

-Provide only gender-neutral restrooms
-Encourage and support continuous learning by providing each team member up to $3,000 per year for work-related education and mentorship programs
-Offer support for caregivers – Patreon offers 12 weeks paid time off for disability and caregiver leave, plus a flexible sick leave policy
-Make our workplace inclusive for parents by offering 12 weeks paid parental leave; if you’re a new mother, we provide a mother’s room for your comfort and convenience
-Provide inclusive benefits that support mental health, the transgender community, same-sex couples and domestic partners, conception and fertility packages for all kinds of partners, and more
-Sponsor teammate-driven Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for teammates to connect, learn and support each other

We are committed and aligned as a company to improve diversity and inclusion and reflect on current programs quarterly to ensure we are tracking toward meeting our OKRs and goals. We seek to be champions in this space!

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