Paradata is a team of Supply Chain veterans and data scientists dedicated to bringing data-driven innovation to supply chains across the world similar to what FICO did with the credit score,

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    200 North Almaden Boulevard #250, San Jose, CA 95110, USA

    At Paradata we don’t optimize the supply chain; we help to make supply chain decisions smarter. Not unlike what FICO did with the credit score, the Paradata Health Score delivers a real time metric to measure component and product level cost, time to delivery, compliance and risk. The Paradata Health Score democratizes the supply chain playing field to provide a consistent view for all component and product deliverables and alternatives. The score is delivered in real time and reflective of the most up-to-date, completed, corrected, cleaned, authenticated and verified supplier information. Coupled with Paradata SaaS it empowers supply chain and operations experts to measure and simulate alternatives and make real time decisions consistently across all SKUs, BOMs and product solutions.

    Paradata gives products a voice to communicate what it needs to be healthy. Paradata gives your products a seat at the decision making table to enable better decision-making about where to build, which parts to use, which suppliers are the best quality performers, which suppliers are the best delivery performers, and the alternatives to responsibly impact the environment.

    Our innovative SaaS solution is like nothing that is available in the market today. Our Customers are anyone who has a Product, and that's a lot of Opportunity. We are a market disruptor and our team is hell bent on providing innovative solutions to a Market segment that has been forced to deal with antiquated tools and struggle to be successful. The timing is right, come join us !

    Tech stack

    MongoDB, Node.js, Python, Angular


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