Owler is the world’s largest crowdsourced Business Insights platform... used to outsmart the competition, and uncover competitive insights, news and alerts.

51-200 employees
Headquarters address
San Mateo, CA, United States

* Celebrating 1M active user milestone on the way to 10M+ over next 12 months. 10x YoY user growth past 2 years. Now second only to LinkedIn among the largest active professional business communities.
* Owler is the world’s largest crowdsourced business insight platform in existence with 15M searchable company profiles and 65K unique pieces of company information added each day.
* Owler is to the competitive graph what Facebook is to the social graph and LinkedIn is to the professional graph.
* Cutting edge technology challenge: Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data solutions to personalize the crowdsourced data collection experience thereby tapping into the deep knowledge graph of the Owler user community.
* Crowdsourced business model beginning to monetize the growing business insight data graph through DaaS (Data as a Service) fee- based subscriptions. Opportunity to move beyond the $50B business insight market and replace the largest data providers on Wall Street. This is a “go-long” opportunity.

Mission: At Owler, their mission is to become the most important Business Information Company on the planet. Owler is completely transforming the Business Information industry with their crowdsourced model and by becoming an important component of every business professional’s daily workflow.

The amount of information available today at our fingertips is incredible, yet information overload and disorganization creates added work sifting through endless articles, posts, blogs and newsfeeds to find what is uniquely relevant and necessary for today’s business professional. Irrelevant information and the daily deluge of news feed emails create distraction and waste precious time. In addition, competitive business insight (especially for non-public companies) is often unavailable, inaccurate and/or scattered across multiple data sources.

Owler’s mission is to make you smarter by speeding access to the business information you need daily. Owler members are business professionals from every business function. They come to Owler because they:
Need to know how they stack up against their competitors
Are overwhelmed by the amount of noise in their business news feeds
Need crisp intelligence and alerts on their competitors, customers, partners, etc.
For the engaged user community, here is where the Owler magic happens. Owler is monitoring your business landscape 24x7, searching for competitive insights (news, revenue changes, new competitors, etc..). When Owler finds something important it delivers that insight directly to your inbox through:
Instant Insights – real time notifications on funding, acquisitions and executive changes Daily Snapshot – daily news, blog posts and videos on the companies you care about Weekly Showdown – see how you stack up on traffic, approval ratings and more

Tech stack

AWS, Go, Java, MongoDB, Solr, Spark, NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Javascript, AngularJS


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