Owl Cameras

Get cameras and people working together to help make the world more safe, civil and fun

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    Palo Alto, Ca
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    Get cameras and people working together to help make the world more safe, civil and fun.

    Who is Owl

    We're engineers and entrepreneurs who love to bring great new things to life that are innovative, useful, beautiful and intuitive. In the past we've been leaders on the teams that built iPod, iPhone, HoloLens and Dropcam. Now, we're bringing you Owl.

    Join us

    At Owl we believe great things happen when we challenge ourselves. We are passionate about creating services and devices to help people deal with real life events that matter. We’re looking for people from diverse backgrounds who care about our mission and building great products.

    Why Owl Cam

    • Always on, even when your car is off
      Whether you are driving or parked, Owl is on — it never needs to go to bed, never needs a bathroom break and is always on the job. Studies show that security cameras decrease break-ins, because thieves simply don’t like to be on camera.

    • Live view of your car from anywhere
      What’s your car up to? Resting comfortably in a quiet parking spot? Or in the middle of a high speed joy ride by the valet guy? Stream live video to your phone wherever you are.

    • Internet connected like your phone
      With our Owl LTE service, your Owl Car Cam is connected 24/7 via fast reliable internet. Without the LTE service you can still use the Owl Cam App to access and share videos from your Owl Car Cam.

    • 24-hour video record
      Never miss a moment again - Owl stores 24 hours of video and alerts. It's always recording while driving, and is watching for impacts and ready to record when parked, so you can go back in time and see what happened in or around your car.

    See it, say it, share it

    • Just say "OK Presto" to send a clip right to your phone. You’ll instantly have access in the Owl Cam App where you can easily edit and share.


    An Owl is a private creature, so your privacy is important to us – so we built our product and service to protect it. In short, your video is your video. No one, including people at Owl, can access a clip unless you decide to share it.


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    Owl Cameras - Company Photo
    Owl Cameras - Company Photo