Osper Are Empowering Young People To Manage Money Responsibly - Good Habits Start Young

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    London, United Kingdom

    We're Osper.

    We believe in learning by doing, we believe that what you learn when young shapes the way you live your life and most of all we believe in the infinite power of young people.

    What is Osper? A Prepaid Debit Card for Young People with a mobile banking app for the family - financial freedom with responsibility. The Osper Prepaid Debit Card is designed to safely introduce young people, aged 8 - 18, to making their own decisions with money: online, in shops, at cash machines and abroad. The Osper App turns money conversations between young people and parents into trusting, safe and empowering ones. osper.com

    Remember saving up for your first bike?

    Our childhood experiences shape our habits with money today. From saving up for driving lessons, to collecting in money boxes, to summer jobs. We want every young person to grow up with the confidence to manage money responsibly, so we are building Osper. We’re so proud of our mission and values that we try to filter them through every aspect of our culture. Most importantly, we like to bring on board people who share our belief – so much so that they’re grabbing young relatives to do user testing before their first interview and surprising us with new insights in their first five minutes in our office.

    Opportunity knocks Our product is a pretty exciting challenge, blending financial services, multi-user apps, and a unique audience. You can imagine the challenges we are facing, building a banking service that is safe, fun, and innovative for the next generation of spenders and savers. The engineers at Osper not only care about creating great products but great code, security, and cool technology. We are working on:

    • Using many small components for real without creating API spaghetti

    • Building the right thing the right way - surprisingly hard even in a
      tight-knit team using TDD/BDD

    • Coding with customers - including young people!

    You can find out plenty more about the team and their recent projects here: http://tech.osper.io & https://medium.com/osper

    Tech stack

    microservices, TDD, python, backbone.js, cordova, postgresql, grunt, flask, javascript, sqlalchemy, html5, phonegap, css, nginx, amazon-web-services, amazon-ec2.
    Osper - The Osper Team