Open Listings Co.

Open Listings makes buying a home simpler and more affordable.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Headquarters address
    1864 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

    We’ve rebuilt the homebuying process to make it easier and more affordable for everyone. Our approach is driven by these five key principles:

    1. Buy With a Company, Not an Agent
    When buyers work with Open Listings, buyers get support from our entire company, not one individual agent. Our team works together using a custom software platform to provide a modern homebuying experience. Buyers will have a primary agent contact but might get support from multiple agents and experts on our team. This means that when they have a question or if they'd like to create an offer, someone is always there to assist them and most requests can be handled immediately.

    2. Transparency
    With Open Listings, real estate no longer feels like a frustrating game of telephone. We keep buyers informed by including them in all communication at each step of the buying process.

    3. Digital & Data-Driven
    We aim to bring the entire buying process online: from the moment a buyer finds a home, to the creation of an offer, all the way through closing. This approach makes the buying process easier, while adding a high level of accountability at every step along the way.

    Digital also means that we’re replacing opinion and emotion with data. Unlike a traditional agent - who is incentivized only to get a deal done - we aid buyers in decision-making by providing unbiased market data on demand.

    4. Non-Exclusive
    Buyers should have control over who they work with and the right to change their minds at any time. While we’ll never knowingly work with a buyer who is already working with an agent, we never require any exclusive relationship.

    5. 50% Commission Refund
    We refunds 50% of the commission we receive to all of our buyers.

    Tech stack

    React.js, React Native, Ruby, Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached


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