We are using technology to change the world of consumer insight. Now its easy, cheap and fun.

  • Founded 2014
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Media and Content

About OnePulse

Our Company
We took research and re-imagined it from the ground up; no legacy, no baggage and minimal constraints. We came up with our platform, which redefines what it means to understand consumers. For people, we have a beautiful app that shows you “pulses” which allow you to learn new things about themselves and the world around them, explore new products, give opinions on current affairs and breaking news, and to see how their opinions compare to those of friends and other people. As part of this daily dose of content, pulses from brands appear, which reward app users for responding. Pulses are bite-size; they take seconds to complete on your mobile, and they have our user base addicted! Our mission for organisations was to allow marketeers to understand customers faster, easier and more cost-effectively than ever before…but without sacrificing the quality of research needed. We achieved this by creating a web-based SaaS solution that allows them to ask a targeted group of consumers up to 3 questions at once, at for a cost that they determine. Insights appear in real-time as people respond in-the-moment.

Our Interview Process
Our interview process begins with an introduction call to help you learn more about the role, learn more about your interests, and help decide if it is a mutual fit. If we move forward, we'll schedule one more phone/video call to either deep dive into your resume (Business roles), or for a technical screen (Engineering). Finally, the onsite interview can always work around your schedule, but we like to have you meet several key stakeholders on the team, as well as one of our Founders.

Our Office
OnePulse - Our Office
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Tech Stack
  • php
  • MySql
  • Java
  • HTML