Vizibl (Old St Labs)

OSL is the team behind Vizibl, the SRM tool changing the way big businesses manage their supplier relationships.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    22 Upper Ground, London SE1, UK

    A bit about us

    Behind every great product there’s a big problem that needs to be solved and those problems don’t come much bigger than procurement. Procurement is the “action of obtaining or procuring something” and for big businesses this has always meant trying to acquire the required items for a lower price than the previous period. 

    Vizibl aims to change that with a shift in focus from cost savings to a real return on relationships by driving key pillars like visibility for both the buyer and supplier companies, collaboration and a far deeper insight into how relationships are managed.

    With a mix of powerful functionality, intuitive user experience and beautiful design Vizibl is changing the way big businesses derive value from their supply chain.

    Tech stack

    Python, Flask, Postgres, redis, AWS, Angular.js, d3.js, salt, LESS
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