Okera enables the management of data access and governance at scale for today’s modern heterogeneous data environments.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
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    Okera is the first software provider to enable the management of data access and governance at scale for today’s modern heterogeneous data environments. Okera’s Active Data Access Platform allows agility and governance to co-exist and gives data producers, consumers, and stewards the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation and growth. This unique, enterprise-wide platform facilitates the provisioning, accessing, governing and auditing of data in today’s multi-cloud, multi-data-format, and multi-tool world.

    Innovation is happening faster than ever and it’s essential that data access is given to the people who need it most. Yet, understanding who is using it and how it is being used is always of critical concern.

    With Okera, agility and governance doesn’t have to be an “either–or” decision. With greater visibility and control, you can unlock the potential that data has to drive innovation. Because when data becomes your greatest asset, you can can change the way your business and the world works.

    Your data is your business. Data is the most valuable asset businesses have to drive innovation. Our platform tackles the hardest issues behind data access and governance across distributed environments—giving you the ability to explore your data’s potential like never before.

    Confidence in your data. Confidence to innovate. Okera opens up data for greater innovation by scaling access and governance across heterogeneous, distributed data environments. The Okera Active Data Access Platform manages data access across a multi-cloud, multi-datastore and multi-tool world reducing friction between agility and governance. With greater accessibility, protection and visibility, you have the confidence to move forward to innovate.

    Who We Are

    We’re a group of driven people who genuinely believe in, and love what we do. We collaborate, we try to make each other better, and if we say we’re going to do something—we do it. We believe that every person who works here should feel comfortable giving honest feedback that is listened to. If you’re interested in being a part of our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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    Okera Active Data Access Platform

    Our Data Access Service - Easy access. Fine-grained control.
    Consumers only see data they have access to and data is abstracted from the original source and not copied.

    Handles I/O and provisions data to analytics tools after applying schema, fine-grained access policies and other transformations (UDFs, tokenization, masking etc.) with high performance.
    Data provisioned in a format that is easily consumable.
    Multiple tools like Spark, Python, SQL engines, Notebooks, and business intelligence tools like Tableau, and Excel supported.

    Our Schema Registry - Faster Access, Greater Collaboration
    Provide a unified view of all relevant data and user access across multiple analytical tools:
    Metadata representation for easily understanding, finding, and querying data.
    Schemas, dataset sizes and who owns them, tags, annotations, basic quality metrics.
    Access via the Hive Metastore API, REST APIs or a GUI.

    Our Policy Engine - Scalable Protection, Greater Agility. Allow data teams to define and manage data access policies at scale including:

    Fine-grained access control. Auditability, tokenization, and anonymization of data on the fly. Supported at several granularities: database, dataset, rows, columns and even cells.

    Our Audit Engine - Better Visibility. Track data access, and understand how your data is being used at a detailed level through a rich audit dashboard including: Data usage tracking by user, most common datasets, most commonly used tools.

    Tech stack

    Javascript, CSS, Python, AWS, C++
    Okera - Company Photo
    Okera - Company Photo
    Okera - Company Photo