Innovation for the Enterprise

Founded 2007
51-200 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    6/15 William St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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    We are technologists, innovators and trusted experts. Our passion lies in dreaming up and delivering customer-led solutions that allow enterprises to anticipate the emerging technology tidal wave.


    Complex business problems are often best tackled with simple approaches. We don’t ignore complexity or compromise in delivering what our customers want, but we also don’t like to confound or overcook things. Instead, we look for – and find – innovative ways to solve problems simply.


    Building an expert team goes much deeper than just hiring the smartest and most skilful. As innovation experts we constantly review, fine-tune and expand our capabilities. And we’re always happy to share – with each other, with our customers and with the community.


    It’s not just about the statement of work - we deliver experiences that are exceptional. Odecee teams integrate, listen, ask the right questions and always follow through. Innovation is our passion, but not for its own sake – we value innovation that delights our customers and addresses their needs.

    How We Interview & Hire

    We pride ourselves on having only the best people in our team - brilliant technically, great consultants and people who are humble, caring and supportive.

    First step - chat with one of our Recruitment team members - this is about getting to know more about you and what your looking for, a chance to ask anything you want to know also. There will be the standard questions about visa, notice period, $$ and when you can pop in - but a very open unscripted conversation for 10-30 mins.
    We would then have you meet with some of the team - the 1st meeting is to focus on your Technical and the 2nd being more of a Cultural Fit, plus a chance for you to make up your mind if you want us.

    Technical Interview

    The focus will be to learn more about your background, project experience, technologies used, problems solved and lessons learned. We use the whiteboard to get you to talk through a solution, giving a chance to discuss and talk through the detail to get a sense of your technical depth and breath.
    There is also small talk about Odecee, technologies used, Agile approach, team work, clients, projects and what its like to work here.
    Again, you can ask anything you want to ask - its about getting to know each other.

    Culture Interview

    Again, its about getting to know more about you and you to learn more about us.
    So a run through of your background with a focus on consulting and project experience plus hearing your future thoughts on career plans, technology and ideas on working in a team, consulting, enterprise clients.
    We are also keen to learn more about how you stay current with technology, participation in open source, meetups, forums, user groups, blogs and any side projects (building robotic spiders, rigging up your own smart meter with a raspberry Pi, app development and anything else..... these are real examples from our current team)

    Tech stack

    Java, Microservices, Angular, React, Node, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, & Heaps More!
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