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Founded 1995
5001+ employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
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    701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

    Take Yahoo and AOL, fuse them and you get a media and technology company operating at massive global scale. It takes powerful technology to connect our combined media brands and partners with an audience of 1 billion. Nearly half of Oath’s employees are building the code and platforms that help us achieve that. And we’re only getting bigger. Whether you’re looking to write mobile app code, engineer the servers behind our massive ad tech stacks, or develop algorithms to help us process 4 trillion data points a day, what you do here will have a huge impact on our business—and the world. Want in? The largest business and financial news site in the world, with unrivaled access to data, insights and original editorial content.
    At Yahoo Finance, we power experiences for 80 million users globally every month and remain as the clear leader in our category. Our systems scale to processing 5 billion market ticks per day from over 80 global exchanges. We ingest and process the same datasets as the biggest hedge-funds in the world and provide unique derived datasets, products that allow users to track their portfolios, advanced screeners to discover new investment ideas and visualizations all built to work on the web scale.

    Why do our users love us? Because, fundamentally, we organize this sheer volume of information into beautiful data and content experiences on Mobile, Mobile Web, and Web.

    Fintech is one of the most exciting growth areas in the industry and we're right at the center of it all, operating like a startup. We’re a small team of mobile, frontend and backend engineers spread across New York and Sunnyvale. Our product managers and designers are embedded in our team and we mould our product together. If you’re a passionate, adventure-seeking, go-getter engineer who wants to join one of the smartest, tight-knit teams in the country, give us a shout.


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    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo
    Yahoo! Finance - Company Photo