Notion makes all-in-one sensors for simplified home awareness.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Headquarters address
    1530 Blake St #220, Denver, CO 80202, USA

    About Notion

    Notion’s mission is to change what the everyday objects in our lives are capable of doing. Through thoughtful technology, innovation, and a perpetual focus on user experience, Notion is the catalyst for truly smart homes. Our initial offering centers on a single, all-in-one sensor capable of providing full “Home Awareness.”

    “All-in-one, all at once” is the core of the value proposition in that all sensors have eight powerful capabilities and all eight can be active at the same time. A single sensor on a front door can monitor the door’s activity but it can also listen for smoke alarms sounding, alert the user if a light is left on, if it gets too cold in the entryway, if someone knocks, and even if there happens to be a water leak from a floor above.

    At Notion, we believe purposeful information provided via ambient, smart technology is what sets us apart. We take pride in designing and developing products focused on the user. Notion systems are easy to install, intuitive to use, and intelligent enough to adapt and learn over time.

    Notion's Core

    • Problem Solvers: We're unwilling to let hurdles get in our way, we have an innate ability to flat out work through anything.
    • Builders: We enjoy the creation process as much as the completed product.
    • Galvanizing: Excited to see others succeed before our individual selves, everyone who interacts with someone at Notion feels welcome and respected.
    • Own It: Accountability, ownership, teamwork, autonomy, we do this together and we own all aspects of the results.
    • Open-Minded and Transparency: Everyone has a voice, all opinions matter.
    • Hungry for Knowledge: Learn, grow, listen, embrace, observe.
    • Our values are driven by human connection and innovation
    • Our why centers on providing purposeful information when it’s needed, not just more information
    • We’re an intelligence-based, hardware-as-a-service company focusing on being a neighbor to our customers, providing a thriving work environment, and pushing the envelope on what connected living means

    Tech stack

    AWS, Ruby, Rails, Sidekiq, Coffeescript, Postgres, Docker, nginx, Terraform, Angular, CSS, Javascript, RabbitMQ


    Compensation and retirement

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    Values and quality of life

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